Dear Linda:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for the wonderful feng shui work you did with our staff . To me, a gift of a feng shui consultation is extremely personal—all about the person you wish to honor and very self-directed by them. It says, “I want to give you a gift that will help you achieve your goals and dreams, whatever they are.”

The consultations were such a hit with everyone, even though some were very skeptical at the whole idea! I am continuing to witness the unfolding impact of your visits as each person works through her own feng shui program. We are all learning through you that, over time, feng shui can help us actualize our goals by giving us new ways to open ourselves up to possibilities we never even dared to imagine before.

Your contributions to my own life have been significant. When I look back at the report you wrote months ago and the goals I outlined at that time, so many have already been accomplished. As I learn to use feng shui principles, I see that it is a process—exciting and powerful—that allows us to continually open life up like a wonderful present. You are my gift of choice for clients and friends. Thank you for all that you are.


Kristen Badger-Bach

Think Tank Strategic Marketing, LLC

Buffalo, NY


"Thank you for helping us to get more centered and balanced. I am definitely learning about choices in our thoughts and our actions".

Angela Burruano
Newstead, NY


"The colors are so alive.  I already enjoyed my space, but I'm finding that I love it even more.  I can't wait to do the next room.

Cathy Flagler

Lockport, NY


Dear Linda:

I would like to thank you for all your insight and knowledge in the sale recently of our Canadian cottage. After your walk through visit several months ago, it only took about a week before offers started coming in regarding this property. One month after the walk through, the cottage was sold for the listing price in an area that has seen homes sit for several years. The feng shui enhancements were so effective that many of the items in the home were requested by the buyers for purchase. I cannot say enough about your intuitive skill as a practitioner. I recommend your services to anyone interested in selling or buying property. Thank you for all your help.


Betsy Hare
Amherst, NY


I chose Linda to sell my house because her attitude was absolutely positive that it would sell quickly. and it did! Once the house had been completely set up with Feng Shui principals, the house sold twice the first week it was on the market. After the first buyer dropped out, it sold again the next day. Her support throughout the process has been unwavering - she is always available to answer my questions and help me with every detail of the move. I even hired Linda to come the day I moved in to my new place and make sure we placed everything by Feng Shui standards. Moving may be a stressful time, but Linda makes sure it goes smoothly and is even fun. I loved working with Linda and have already begun to recommend her to my friends.


Nancy Weil

Getzville, NY


Hello Linda,

I just thought I'd update you on our home. 233 Paradise was cleared and objects were rearranged - We adjusted our price and had the two open houses - A lovely young couple with 2 girls came to see the house on Saturday - on Sunday the couple came back with the girl's dad - who happens to be a general contractor - they inspected every bit of the house and told us they would be in touch. Monday morning they placed their offer - later that day we agreed to a price within $2,000 of our adjusted price. All are very happy - Olivia, their 3 year old immediately picked out her room.

Thank you for all your help and last minute advice! I can't wait for you to help set up the new house!

Janine Fitzpatrick

Williamsville, NY


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