I feel that since applying Feng Shui, abundance in terms of my Reiki business is really beginning to take off. My body feels healthier, I have more energy, people tell me that my house feels like it is "breathing" and is light. I am connecting with like minds who are speeding up my spiritual awakenings and awareness’ and I am truly happy. My husband and I seem to laugh a lot more and enjoy each other's energy on a deeper level of partnership. We are getting to really know each other like we never have before during our 34 years of marriage. My creativity in writing short stories and poetry is escalating. I am manifesting whatever I focus my intent on - my intuition and healing abilities are intensifying at deeper levels and I am extremely overjoyed at the beauty of this shift in energy.
Thank you Linda for sharing your gifts and expertise.

Judith Galganski

Healing By Design
West Seneca, NY


"Everything is flowing. It's amazing the calmness I have created in my new home. Thanks again”.

Nicole Swiatkowski
Buffalo, NY



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