I would like to take this opportunity to thank Linda for her beautiful work in the art of Feng Shui. Linda's positive energy reflects her creativity when working with Chi energies in an environment. Her love for life is passionate and reflects in her consulting as well.

I met Linda in October 2002 at a Women's Conference in Detroit. It was divinely guided as neither of us was planning to attend; last minute plans changed that! Being on the opposite coasts, a month later she came into town. Linda and I were able to spend quality "Spiritual Time" together in San Francisco.

At a time when I was struggling, Linda was gracious to me and offered to work on my home. She spent time observing and taking notes of my blocked Chi within my environment. Little did I know this was also blocking my life force Chi. Hence, my struggling for a Divine Relationship and my financial freedom.

After Linda worked her magical art of Feng Shui, I did as her recommendations suggested. I moved six rooms of my home around and threw out clutter and broken items I no longer had use for. I was emotional that day when I recall back. My life about to change for the better! I know that when I clear out my space, I am also clearing out my bad chi energy (attracts the negative) that was stored in me! Tears of joy and relief flowed from my soul, as I knew this was a beautiful time of personal growth.

It's been six months since Linda has consulted me. I have cleared out my living space where every area is in use-not wasted, or cluttered. I have a beautiful relationship with my boyfriend that is in Divine Union with a very positive future!! And lastly, my financial freedom is well on its way.

I highly recommend Linda's work to anyone who would like to grow on all levels: Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She is truly a gift from God. I would go so far to say she is here to clear the Universe of its clutter! Blessings to you Linda Ellson!

With Love & Light,
S. Mari Coloma, D.C.
San Francisco, CA


Things were tough. The economy had taken a turn for the worse, devastating my small business. Divorce had taken its toll on my personal finances and the creditors were starting to close in. I wasn't sure what my beliefs were on feng shui, but I'll try anything once!

Linda came to my home and helped me to create a safe, nurturing place where I could escape from stress and work on my future. Color, lighting and eliminating clutter gave a warm feel to my aging cottage. It was such a positive experience, I decided to have Linda come to my office.

Of course, there were skeptics in my office but Linda did a great job of making everyone feel at ease and involving them in the process. The changes she recommended were simple and inexpensive. Friday became "Feng Shui Day" as we took some time out to move paintings, buy plants, and rearrange furniture every afternoon. My staff got a positive attitude about bill collection and instead of dreading those monthly phone calls, we faced the right direction, set out our crystals and coins out and with new vigor, collected past due invoices that we had been told we would NEVER be paid for. We went from three years of loss to closing the year with a nice profit in only thirty days!

Feng shui isn't magic but it sure had magical results for us.

Deborah Naybor
Alden, NY


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