THE VISION: To help create balance and harmony in your home and homes
across the country by bringing the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to home furnishings.


  • Customized for your home based on Feng Shui principles and elements
  • Created for comfort and quality with 10-way hand-tied and spring down cushions
  • Available in various fabrics and styles to energetically fit your home
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Compliant
  • Made in America
  • Space cleared to create a harmoniously energetic furnishing

It’s not just a couch. It’s a lifestyle.TM

Why A Feng Shui Inspired SOULfaTM?

Our homes and furnishings hold energy or Chi, and our sofas are no exception. As a large primary seating space, our sofas have a significant energetic impact upon us, especially given the amount of time we spend on them.

Feng Shui provides a mindful approach to understand and improve the Chi patterns in our homes and furnishings. By incorporating Feng Shui principles, the Soulfa provides on-purpose, personalized seating to specifically support and enhance the energy in your home.

The Soulfa is a lifestyle investment designed to help create the optimal energetic environment in your home for happy living.

Samples of our Elemental Designs

The Water Element:

This element can be expressed in a variety of blues or blacks depending upon your preference. The darker the color, the stronger the element will be in your space.

Colors: Blues and Blacks Shape: Wavy

The Scenario:

To help transform an upstairs bedroom into a get-away haven for our client Renee, who loves a casual Cape Cod feel.


The Feng Shui Analysis:

The room is located in the Northwest sector (Helpful people and Mentors). Based on Flying star Feng Shui, primary elements for this room are:

  • Wood: This element is already predominantly featured through the existing hardwood floor.
  • Fire: Renee decided to highlight the Fire element by painting the walls a soft lavender. (Purple is her favorite color!)
  • Water: This element needs to be better expressed in the room to provide a balance among the elements, and seating in a Water element color is recommended. Renee agreed.


Other Requirements:

An appropriate sized and comfortable piece for lounging that will accommodate an active lifestyle, including a teenage son and pet dog.


A chair and a half with an ottoman is selected for maximum room to stretch out, while not overtaking this small room as a couch or loveseat would. The denim blue both expresses the water element and evokes the casual feel Renee was looking for. The material, a Cyrpton fabric, also offers the durability she is looking for in her busy household. And to provide the best support possible for Renee, the chair faces one of her top power positions.

The Fire Element:

This element can be expressed in a wide range of colors from the lightest pinks and oranges to the darkest reds. The more vivid or darker the color, the stronger the element will be in your space.

Colors: Red, pink, orange and purple
Shape: Triangle or pointed like a star

The Scenario:

Our long term Feng Shui client, Cathy, is looking for a chair in the Fire element to replace an existing one in her condo.

The Feng Shui Analysis:

As a Feng Shui diehard, Cathy’s condo was Feng Shui’d from the moment she moved in. The Fire element is one of the primary elements needed in her space and it is also one of her personal power colors, making a Fire chair a doubly good Feng Shui fit for her.

Additional Requirements:

Cathy would like the overall dimensions of the chair to be similar to her existing one, which provides a comfortable fit for her petite frame.

The Solution:

A Soulfa chair with similar dimensions to Cathy’s existing one that expresses the Fire element in shape and material. The pointed end at the top of the cushion and end of the arms convey the Fire element in shape. The tufted square sections bring in an element of Earth into the chair. The model chair shown here is in white leather, a combination of the Metal and Fire element. (The color white is Metal and the leather material is Fire). Cathy thinks she would prefer a red leather or fabric for her upholstery chair and is still deciding on the best option for her home. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!

The Wood Element:

This element can be expressed in any shade of green from the lightest mint green to the darkest forest green. The darker the color, the stronger the element will be in your space.

Elements: Wood
Earth Colors: Green
Earth Shape: Rectangle


The Scenario:

In a living space where Wood is a primary element, this Soulfa expresses the element with its green color and rectangular shape. The deeper, emerald green brings the element in strongly into a space. The fringe at the bottom is reminiscent of leaves.


The Feng Shui Analysis:

Depending on personal preference and other elements required in the room, the shade of green can vary greatly. The style of the Soulfa itself can also vary. For example, a more stylistically modern setting may call for sleeker rectangular lines. Cushions may be more defined vs. the traditional ‘cushy’ look and feel shown here.

Additionally, other primary elements required in the room need to be considered. How will they look together? How will they be balanced?

The degree to which the Wood element needs to be expressed also is a consideration. For example, if a light green color Soulfa is selected, additional Wood element may be needed as a result. Other options such as wood bookshelves, coffee tables or flooring can be used to further express the Wood element.


The Solution:

Looking at a Soulfa as a combination of your personal preferences and the Feng Shui elements required to support your space is key. A Feng Shui analysis of your room along with a discussion of your decorating style offers an approach to meet both of these needs.

The Earth Element:

This element can be expressed in a variety of browns, beiges and yellows. The more vivid or darker the color, the stronger the element will be in your space.

Elements: Earth and Water
Earth Colors: Earth tones, browns, beige and yellows.
Earth Shape: Square


The Scenario:

Chiropractor Dr. Marc Violante is a practitioner of NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), which uses a series of gentle touches to help the body relax and promote self-healing. He is committed to offering his patients the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible. He was in need of new seating to complement his already Feng Shui’d office and treatment room.

The Feng Shui Analysis:

Dr. Violante’s overall office is in the West sector of the building. Interestingly, the waiting room is in the Southwest, the partnership sector of his office, a fitting space that represents the partnership between patient and doctor. A Feng Shui analysis using Classical Form Feng Shui with a Flying Star compass reading, revealed that his primary elements are Earth, Fire and some Water.

Additional Requirements:

Dr. Violante required seating that would be both comfortable and supportive for his clients. With the majority of space dedicated to his treatment room, Dr. Violante’s waiting area is smaller, and he wanted an appropriately sized piece.

The Solution:

A mini-Soulfa to fit the size requirements of the waiting area with our Premiere Luxury back and seat cushions, which are moderately soft, yet supportive. Since Dr. Violante’s waiting room already has a striking expression of a warm, energizing Fire color on his wall, an Earth color fabric was chosen for his mini-Soulfa to express this primary element in his space. Additionally, the Earth element provides grounding and a calming energy, a perfect complement for a doctor’s waiting room. The camel fabric represents the Earth element in color while the square and boxy shape of the piece embodies the element in shape. The flow of the arm from top to bottom is like the cascade of a water fall, supporting the Water element with its shape. The accent pillows in a paisley fabric with wavy lines convey a sense of movement that also supports the Water element in shape, while the deeper browns are more Earth, with pops of orange and crimson that coordinate with the Fire element on the accent wall.

The Metal Element:

This element can be expressed through the use of white, gray or metallic like gold or silver. The brighter the color, the stronger the element will be in your space.

Elements: Metal and Earth
Metal Colors: White, gray or metallic like gold or silver
Metal Shape: Round


Linda Ellson and Feng Shui Your World team up with Mark Taylor, a veteran of the Buffalo Interior Design Community, in support of the 2017 Buffalo Junior League Decorators’ Show House, to create the first ever Feng Shui’d room at a show house. Their room assignment is “The Library.”

The Feng Shui Analysis:

This room is located primarily in the Northeast sector of the house, which represents Knowledge, Education and Travel in Feng Shui, making it a perfect spot for a library/TV room, with comfortable seating. The room, however, crosses mulitple sectors and requires the use of Metal and Earth as primary elements.

The Solution:

The Soulfa is designed by Linda to express both elements. With a square and boxy shape the Soulfa has an Earth element design while its fabric in a gold color supports the Metal element. The flair of the arm, rounded like a cresent moon, at the top, further expresses the Metal element in shape, as does the metal nail head trim at the base.

The Result:

A luxurious Soulfa that brings a casual elegance to complement the rich tones found in the original woodwork of this show house.

Also worthy of note: The grounding earthtone walls add to the feeling of serenity, while the crystal chandelier adds earth element bling. The blue accent wall and calming water picture reminds us to go with the flow. The fu dogs in the pillow act as guardians and protectors of the room and provide a pop of Fire element with the red and a thread of red throughout energizes.

Getting Started

Creating your Soulfa is a personalized process guided by Linda Ellson, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Owner of Feng Shui Your World. It begins with a discussion and analysis of the space where the Soulfa will reside. (Depending on your location and needs, this meeting can be held on site at your home or via Skype.)

Understanding the Feng Shui and the elements to best support your living space is a key component in customizing your Soulfa along with learning about your personal objectives and preferences for the room. Do you like vivid colors, modern furniture or something more subdued, a casual feel or more formal look? How will the room be used? All of these factors will be considered.

Based on this information, Linda will develop Feng Shui appropriate recommendations for you. She’ll come back with furniture designs, fabric selections and cushion options, so you can easily review and identify what would work best for you.

Once you select your Soulfa, your order will be placed and your Soulfa will be on its way to becoming a reality! All pieces are space cleared either before or at delivery, so you receive the energetically best piece possible.

Throughout the process, Linda and Feng Shui Your World are committed to your satisfaction and helping you create a harmonious and balanced living space.

Elements can be expressed both by color and shape. The darker or more vivid a color is, the stronger the element will be conveyed. Additionally, most elements provide a range of colors to choose from. This allows you to select from a number of options to best suit your taste and decorating style.

Here are the Five Elements used in Feng Shui and their associated colors and shapes:

Please note: Understanding what elements are needed to best support your living space is key to customizing your Soulfa. See how the process works to learn more about this.

With access to over 800 designer fabrics, leather, and trim options, we can offer you a wide range of options to express the elements needed in your space and to suit your taste and style. Linda will work closely with you to pre-select fabrics, so you can choose the right fabric with ease. With a complete array of trims, including designer nail heads, your Soulfa can be further customized as needed.

Most Soulfa pieces are available in four different cushion options to meet your needs for firmness and comfort:

  1. Spring Down Seat Cushion with Comfort Down Back Cushion

    Premium seating that offers immediate comfort with appropriate support. Individually pocketed coil springs, framed in a urethane foam casing, further supported with a layer of premium density memory foam, wrapped in a double-sewn tick that contains a layer of fiber/feathers, and an additional layer of down and feathers.

  2. Relaxed Down Seat Cushion with Comfort Down Back Cushion

    A softer more relaxed option. A premium high-resiliency layered foam center wrapped in a blend down envelope, all encased in a down-proof ticking. Comfort wrinkling will occur with most fabrics due to the softer core.

  3. Premiere Luxury Seat Cushion and Back

    Moderately soft, yet supportive quality seating. A premium high-resiliency layered foam center wrapped with premium fiber and encased in a muslin cover.

  4. Firm Seat Cushion / Premiere Luxury Back Cushion

    A firmer, more supportive cushion; our firmest option. Super firm urethane layered foam center wrapped with premium fiber and encased in a muslin cover.

How long will it take to get my Soulfa?

Since your Soulfa is a customized piece of furniture, it generally takes about 8 weeks from the time you place your order, depending upon manufacturing schedules and material ordering. Once you place your order, we’ll give you an estimated delivery date and let you know the exact delivery date as it comes closer.

I need multiple pieces for my living room, a sofa, loveseat and chairs. Can I get all those pieces as a Soulfa?

Absolutely. We’d love to help you with multiple pieces. It’s a great opportunity to assure the elements in all pieces work together to support the Feng Shui in your home.

What if I need a matching accessory piece for my Soulfa, like a coffee table or bookcase, can you help me with that?

Yes, we can help you in two different ways. We can advise you on the best elements for your accessory piece to support your own shopping efforts, or we can do some shopping for you to see what is available.

How do I get started on my Soulfa?

Simply send us an email or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and set-up an appointment to discuss your needs.