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How to Take a Compass Reading

Here’s how to take a Feng Shui compass reading of your home or office in three easy steps.

How Does a Feng Shui Consultation Work?

This blog addresses the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients considering a consultation.

Gracious Living

Gracious Living is about creating a sense of luxury and pleasure that brings you joy in your home and life, easily and affordably.

Space Clearing

Clear out old or stagnant energies in your home or office with Space Clearing. Learn the basics with this blog — what it is, why you can benefit from it, and how to get started.

Top 10 Feng Shui Prosperity Tips

Here our Top 10 Feng Shui tips to help increase your abundance and prosperity.

Office Feng Shui

Here are some easy Feng Shui office tips to help create balance and harmony in your office or workplace.


Getting rid of clutter opens up space for new opportunities and possibilities to come into our lives. Give it a try and see what happens!

Top 10 Feng Shui Tips

Our top 10 Feng Shui Tips offer easy solutions to enhance the energy or “chi” in your home. Whether you’re new to Feng Shui or have been practicing it for years,…

What is Feng Shui?

Welcome to our blog on What is Feng Shui! We’ve gathered up some basic questions and provided what we hope are easy-to-read answers.  Still intrigued after […]

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