Commercial Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Consultations for Your Office or Business – In Person or Remote.

Whether you have a small company or a large one, you can bring the benefits of Feng Shui to your business. We use Classical Form Feng Shui to deliver the best results possible and our customized services provide you with the flexibility you need. Consultations are available to best accommodate your schedule and needs, either during or after business hours, in-person or remotely via Zoom.

One quick note: Many of our clients ask us to directly interface with their staff and have found our group and individual employee services helpful. We offer group sessions to familiarize your employees with the principles of Feng Shui and we can also can provide individual guidance to your staff members on how to best position their offices or cubicles for success.  

Why Feng Shui Your Space?

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Enhanced employee performance and increased productivity
  • Comfortable and pleasing surroundings for clients, customers and staff
  • Supportive environment for teamwork and business goals
  • New space selection or remodeling

Commercial Feng Shui Services

Choose what works best for you from the list below. Did you have something else in mind? Please contact us. We’d be happy to further customize our services for you.

In-Person Feng Shui Walk-through Consultation

A verbal Classical Feng Shui analysis of your business space using compass readings, Flying Star theory and formulations, with general office recommendations, color suggestions and furniture placement, including:

  • Discussion of your individual and business goals related to life issues that you wish to work on that Feng Shui may impact
  • Follow-up phone or e-mail consultation (15 minutes), within the first 3-6 weeks, after your consultation, to answer questions and provide additional guidance

Zoom Feng Shui Walk-through Consultation

A remote Classical Feng Shui analysis of your business space via Zoom using compass readings, Flying Star theory and formulations. Consultation includes:

  • General office recommendations, color selection, furniture placement and personal power directions
  • Discussion of your individual and business goals and how Feng Shui can support and impact them in targeted areas of your space
  • Includes copy of video, Feng Shui reference charts, customized Pa Qua map or floorplan mark-ups
  • Follow-up phone or e-mail consultation (15 minutes), within the first 3-6 weeks, after your consultation, to answer questions and provide additional guidance

Annual Energy Update and Review

Update your initial Feng Shui Walk-through or report to include the Annual Feng Shui energy changes. You will receive:

  • One in-office consultation visit or remotely via Zoom, Skype or Facebook
  • Video Messenger to assess how the Lunar New Year’s Feng Shui energy changes will impact your business, with Feng Shui recommendations made to enhance or counter the energy, as needed
  • Review your Feng Shui progress and set new goals
  • Ask questions, etc.

Retainer Service: Keep Your Feng Shui on Track

Do you find yourself facing Feng Shui questions that just seem to pop up?

Purchase a block of time with Linda by the hour and enjoy her expertise on retainer. She will be accessible to you whether it’s to discuss a new project, text photos while selecting items or ask for more in-depth guidance.

A great way to get your questions answered quickly and easily to assure optimal Feng Shui in your office or workplace.

Feng Shui Check-ins

Start moving suggested items around your business from your Feng Shui walk-through, with the guided assistance of the Feng Shui practitioner.

A great way to keep focused and have a helpful hand to move you along.


Feng Shui Phone Consultations

Receive Feng Shui assistance and guidance by phone to answer new questions as they arise.  Service available to existing clients who received an initial Feng Shui consultation.

Energetic Space Clearing Ceremony

Space Clearing feng shui linda ellson

Space Clearing helps to revitalize the energy within your space and eliminates unwanted negative energy. It is highly recommended on a periodic basis and prior to applying Feng Shui principles to your office.

  • On-site customized space clearing ceremony performed with Feng Shui energy sensing, dowsing, sage/incense, bells, and sea salt.

Astrology Readings

Astrology creates a unique birth chart for you based on the position of the planets in the sky at the time and place you were born. Gain more insight through Western Astrology into who you are and your particular position within the synchronicity of the universe and as it relates to the Feng Shui of your business.

Important Date Selection

Choose the most auspicious dates for renovating, weddings, promotions, moving, or even making large purchases and more, with the help of the Chinese Almanac and Western astrology.

What our Commerical Customers are Saying:

  • Your contributions to my own life have been significant. I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for the wonderful Feng Shui work you did with our staff. The consultations were such a hit with everyone, even though some were very skeptical at the whole idea! I am continuing to witness the unfolding impact of your visits as each person works through her own Feng Shui program. We are all learning through you that, over time, Feng Shui can help us actualize our goals by giving us new ways to open ourselves up to possibilities we never even dared to imagine before.

    Kristen B.
    Business Owner & Corporate Client

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