New Build / Site Review

Use Feng Shui to Select Your Site

Ensure harmony and balance in your new home with a Feng Shui analysis prior to building or purchasing your new home.

Choose the Best Building Site for Your New Build

Selecting the right site is a key component to your new build process. Using land form Feng Shui principles, Linda can help you understand how and which site will offer the best ‘Chi’ for your new home.

Select the Right Home

Finding the best home for you and/or your family can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Often, people narrow their selection to 2-3 possibilities, but then are unsure which one is the ‘right’ one.  A Feng Shui analysis of the homes you are considering can help uncover which home  offers the best ‘Chi’ (energy) and is most compatible for you. Our goal is to help you select a home where you can create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Feng Shui Service Details

Your home or new build site selection, includes:

  • On-site viewing of property or site or remotely via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video Messenger
  • Compass reading and general space analysis
  • Recommendations including pros and cons of your possible options

To help create the most harmonious living environment in your new home, a Walk through Consultation in person or remotely is recommended after your property purchase or new build is completed.

Linda's Real Estate and Feng Shui Expertise

As owner of Feng Shui Your World and a Licensed Realtor®  with Hunt Estate Corporation, Linda successfully combines her Feng Shui expertise and real estate knowledge to help clients select the best homes and sites for their new builds. With over 15 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent and over 19 years as a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Linda brings a deep level of knowledge to every situation and person she assists.

What our Customers are Saying:

“We are writing to say that we think of you and thank you—and sing your praises on a regular basis—for the Feng Shui consultation you did for us when we built our house here in the woods almost three years ago. I remember that my husband, Jerry, was more than a little skeptical about hiring you to help us site our house. And our builder had a lot of trouble hiding his disbelief when we told him our Feng Shui consultant advised that the house be sited at 155 degrees southeast! But he did what we requested and we have an extraordinarily livable house because of it. All disbelievers were converted…Our house is a sanctuary where the peace is palpable. Everyone tells us that when they walk in the front door. “

Kris and Jerry B.
New Home Build

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