Year of the Dragon – 2024 Feng Shui Energy Changes Class

Year of the Dragon Feng Shui on demand Class

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On-Demand: 2024 Year of the Dragon – Annual Feng Shui Energy Changes Class

Start your New Year with this Feng Shui must! Welcome a brand-new era of the Feng Shui Period of 9!

Recorded January 20, 2024

Includes links for video file and links to the class notes (as PDF files) for download.

Runtime Part 1: 49 min
Runtime Part 2: 109 min

This is a 2 hour replay of our 2024 Feng Shui Annual Energy Class recorded  on Jan 20th, designed to empower you and your space for the best year and 20 year cycle ahead. Discover the art of making precise Feng Shui enhancements to navigate the new lunar year, ensuring prosperity, harmony, and positive energy.


Step into the transformative energy of 2024 with our immersive “Year of the Dragon” Feng Shui Annual Energy class, a two-hour journey designed to empower you and your space for the best year and 20 year cycle ahead. Discover the art of making precise Feng Shui enhancements to navigate the new lunar year, ensuring prosperity, harmony, and positive energy.

In the upcoming Year of the Wood Dragon, we can anticipate a powerful and transformative energy, symbolizing strength, courage, and ambitious leadership. Embracing the Dragon’s auspicious qualities, individuals can navigate the year with a focus on creativity, passion, and a renewal of energy, fostering luck, prosperity, and harmonious relationships. This coupled with the Fire Energy of the New Period of 9 make for exciting Feng Shui times! Through strategic Feng Shui enhancements, this vibrant year offers an opportunity for spiritual growth, celebrating successes, and embracing positive change for a dynamic and fulfilling journey  ahead.


More Background & Details for the Class!

Energy Changes for Year of the Dragon – 00:02
What is Feng Shui – 1:55
The 8 Sectors of the Pa Qua Map – 3:09
Class Details – 4:35

Class Highlights

Upon completion of this class, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to infuse your living and office spaces with auspicious energy, setting the stage for a year of abundance, growth, and positive transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity to align your space with the vibrant energy of the Year of the Dragon and elevate every aspect of your life. Join us for a journey into the heart of Feng Shui wisdom!”

  • Unlock the secrets of your home’s most auspicious sectors, discovering where to activate wealth, relationships, education, and romance luck for the year of the Dragon.
  • Gain insights into the ideal areas for renovations, DIY projects, and gardening, harnessing the energy of your space for maximum benefit.
  • Learn which areas of your home to maintain tranquility and avoid renovation, safeguarding health, wealth, and peace.
  • Embark on a shopping spree in your own home, mastering the art of intentional décor placement for a harmonious living environment.
  • Explore the potent practice of symbolic Feng Shui, utilizing strategic placements to activate, protect, and enhance both your surroundings and your life.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you so much! I enjoyed the class so much and have incorporated many of the ideas. I talked to many people about it and they are saying make sure you tell me about it next year.”

~Nancy P, Year of the Rabbit On-Line Attendee


‘First off, I have taken Linda Ellson’s Feng Shui yearly class many times, and have hired her to come and do private office consultations. She knows her stuff backwards, forewords, upside-down and right side up! Her classes are so interesting and informative.

~Colleen M., Feng Shui Client & Student


‘Take her class…!!! You will learn so much. Lots of options to join this class. It’s really interesting and it works. The reason I wear red underwear and painted my front door lipstick red. Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290

~Deborah S., Feng Shui Client & Student


“I wanted to thank you for everything you do! I have been a fan with great respect since we met. I have kept up with my annual year change and have always felt the blessings and protection around me since incorporating your suggestions into my life!”     

~Cathie S., Feng Shui Client & Student


“This class is always one of the highlights of my January. I am so grateful that you continue to share your knowledge and offer the virtual meeting.” 

~Lisa T., Feng Shui client and Annual Feng Shui Energy Changes attendee since 2004


“I look forward to attending every year, especially since joining up with Linda to co-host this event for 4 years now! We love having the class online via Zoom and now hybrid in 2024, allowing people to attend from all over the world!  Students loved having access to a video replay for reference after the live class, as Linda covers so much information.  This class has been so helpful to me; I find it to be a really fantastic way to begin each year, and I am excited to support her effort to help others.” 

~Angela Abt, Owner Santosha Holistic Center, Co-Host of Annual Event


 “Super excited as always for your presentation.”

~Pam G., Feng Shui Client & Student


 “This! I’ve taken Linda Ellson’s annual class several times and it’s so interesting and informative! Trust me, it will get your 2024 moving in the correct direction.”

~Colleen J., Feng Shui Client & Student


Keep up the great work. We love you and enjoy this so much. A real service to the community, so worthwhile. 

~Anonymous, Year of the Ox Online attendee

Fantastic Presentation. Very enjoyable and a lot of interesting information in a great format. I love your handouts! Looking forward to referencing the recording!

~Jill M, Year of the Tiger Online attendee

What People Are Saying

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